Portadown Community Treatment & Care Centre

Project Description:

A new 6,000m2 Primary Care Treatment and Community Care Centre, seeking to shape the future of primary care in the Portadown area. The project is the output of an integrated community project that brings together a number of project stakeholders. 

Constructed in concrete, with a number of innovative design solutions such as ETFE roof and air duct labyrinths, this project is an exemplar for responsible and sustainable building.

Healthcare facilities that will  be provided include: Minor Surgery; Enhanced Student Training; GP Specialisms (the new GMS Contract); Audiology; Pharmacy; Visiting Consultant Services; Out of Hours Nursing; Plain Film Radiology & Ultrasound; Alternative Therapies; Sports Injury Clinics; ECG; Telemedicine; One Stop Clinics; Specialist Nursing; and Dentistry.

Project Cost :
£13 million


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